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Abolish the IRS? Newly Discovered Quote by Ronald Reagan Gives Us Everything We Need to Do Just That

It was 1975, and the great Ronald Reagan had not yet made the bold announcement that he would be running for the presidency against Gerald Ford, an establishment RINO squish who had taken over the presidency following the aftermath of the Watergate scandal.

Reagan, a former actor and two-term governor of California (yes, California used to be conservative, prosperous and free, if you can believe it), appeared on “The Tonight Show” with the legendary Johnny Carson, and the “Great Communicator” dropped a line about the federal income tax that, when doing a Google search, has never been published in writing — at least en masse like many of Reagan’s famous quotes.

“We live in the only country in the world where it takes more brains to figure out your income tax than it does to earn the income.” ~ Ronald Reagan

Here is a meme version of this quote for you to share on social media using the hashtag #AbolishTheIRS. It’s newly discovered, so you’ll look really cool for using it: 

Reagan also powerfully explained — as perhaps only he can — that really there is no such thing as a tax on business. All business taxes are rolled-up and packaged as higher prices that we — the consumers — pay. The businesses don’t actually pay them.

“Most people don’t realize it because the taxes are hidden in the so-called business taxes,” Reagan told Carson, when explaining that the government’s take of the national income was nearly 50 percent of all earnings. ”

“You know, the politician who stands up and yells [sound familiar?], ‘Oh, let’s save the little man. Let’s tax business.’ And everybody yells ‘Hooray!’ But they haven’t figured out that every tax on business is just a part of the cost of production. And the customer winds up paying it when he buys the product. It’s a hidden sales tax,” Reagan declared.

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And even though Reagan took a bite out of the behemoth federal income tax code, now over 70,000 pages long, but because of the Washington Cartel — corrupt career politicians in both parties who join with lobbyists to grow government and hose the American people, we have not experienced any significant reform or relief since Reagan lowered the top rate from 70 percent to 28 percent.

With the Obama IRS targeting scandal still in the minds of many Americans, “We the People” should be shouting from the rooftops, “ABOLISH THE IRS!”

Ronald Reagan started this movement and we need to finish it.

It’s really a great interview and shows Reagan on top of his game. You’ve gotta love Johnny Carson’s vintage 70’s attire. Brings back some great memories to those of us who were around then.


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