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Hillary Clinton’s Strange Interview Reveals She Has A Rambling Problem

MSNBC’s Morning Joe recently conducted a phone interview between Hillary Clinton and host, Mika Brzezinski.

Brzezinski started the interview by remarking, “I would vote for you if you want.”  Then she gives Clinton the chance to address a problem with clarity.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Mika Brzezinski said that following the Clinton campaign has been complicated and that she had trouble understanding Clinton’s message.  She added that she asked all of Clinton’s advisers and spokespeople to explain Clinton’s message and was met with diatribes but not a clear answer.

Mika Brzezinski is one of the many faces of liberal media.  She is well known for her ruthless criticism of the Republican candidates.

You can watch her here say that Ted Cruz “and Republicans like him,” don’t love America.  And here, she says that Marco Rubio looks like a little boy next to Hillary.

Brzezinski is a tough act.  So what kind of hard-hitting question does a tough act like her ask Hillary?

“What’s your message?”

It’s a politician’s dream question.  Answering it, you can say whatever kind of nonsense you’d like, and you almost CAN’T mess it up.

It’s a question so kindly vague that any idiot could run with it and come out on top.

Unless that idiot is Hillary Clinton.

Powerline reports:

Madam Hillary rambles on for several minutes. She’s got rambling on her mind. She seems to be free associating. Alzheimer’s has something to do with the “core message” of her campaign. The free association winds into the obligatory clichés. Well before the rambling concludes, she seeks to condense her message “at the end of the day.” After “the end of the day,” her message is “rooted in her decades of work.”

Hillary rants about how part of the president’s job is to raise incomes, take care of Alzheimer’s, Autism, and addiction, and “You know, being able to stand up to the Republicans’ alternative universe and take it on and win.”

Hillary goes on, saying “I don’t promise easy answers, I don’t promise things that I’m not knowing can be delivered. I’m laying out a set of plans…”

At this point, Brzezinski changes her mind that clear is a good thing, and starts giving Hillary verbal approval while the presidential candidate gets as close to wrapping things up as she can muster.

I’m glad you’re knowing what you can deliver, Madam Hillary.  Easy answers are tough to offer when the questions are just so darn hard.

Let us know what YOU think by sounding off in the comments.

Video links H/T: Washington Free Beacon, 7 Days News

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