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VIDEO: Watch Open Borders Activist Claim Cologne Mass Rapes Weren’t Committed By Refugees

Open borders activists congregated in a London train station on Saturday to demand an end to deportations, plead for France to keep the Calais refugee camp open and claim that the spate of mass rapes committed on New Year’s Eve were not committed by refugees, the overwhelming evidence by damned.

“I don’t think that its that clear that [the mass rapes were] actually made by refugees, that refugees are responsible for it,” claimed one especially delusional protester named Mona. “I think it’s actually used a way to scapegoat refugees which is very very dangerous.”

Fast forward to the 30-second mark to hear her for yourself:

Really? How much more evidence does this socialist open-borders lunatic need to believe that thousands upon thousands of refugees, aka migrants, aka Muslims, committed a near-endless number of sexual assaults and rapes on New Year’s Eve?

Even worse, she tried to deflect from the rapes by placing the blame on white men, as if her alleged sexual harassment at the hands of a few white Germans excuses the rapes committed by thousands of migrants three weeks ago.

In all honesty, this clearly demented woman’s mindset represents that of millions of similar-minded progressives and feminists who in their ignorance view good as bad and bad as good.

It also echoes the sentiments of our own lunatic in chief leader, President Barack Obama, a man who considers illegal immigrants and criminals to be the backbone of America.

I imagine Mona feels the exact same way about the refugee rapists currently overwhelming all of Europe …

H/T Breitbart

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