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ACTION ALERT: HB1412 is the “Tennessee Defense of Natural Marriage Act”

CRITICAL ACTION ALERT:  HB1412 is the “Tennessee Defense of Natural Marriage Act” 

HB1412 is the “Tennessee Defense of Natural Marriage Act” – the one where we are trying to over-rule in our state the faulty Supreme Court decision against marriage.A call from Wilson County Rep. Mark Pody has indicated that HB 1412 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee and will take place this week – Wednesday (tomorrow).

Rep. Pody is asking all who support real marriage to get their reps to co-sponsor – not just promise to vote for it, but to co-sponsor – this bill, HB1412, BEFORE it gets to committee on WEDNESDAY.

Rep. Pody has requested that each of us, along with your distro lists contact YOUR Rep’s along with contacting a newly appointed Rep from District 94:  Jamie Jenkins.  Jamie Jenkins was chosen to replace Leigh Wilburn in District 94 is on the committee (he is not on this subcommittee, but can influence it by co-sponsoring the bills that come to it).  We need to motivate Rep. Jenkins and YOUR State Rep’s to get active on this critical legislation – a moral duty, as many see it.  Rep. Jenkins contact info: Nashville office: (615) 741-6890 and his email is:

This is a bill that Tennessee citizens are identifying as urgent legislation, and we want all who care to call or communicate in some way to YOUR State Rep’s know this is a critical bill. Please share this request with your groups.


Link to all State Rep’s and State Senators:


If not now, WHEN? 

If not us, WHO?

TN. Alliance of TEA party & Liberty Groups

Source: ACTION ALERT: HB1412 is the “Tennessee Defense of Natural Marriage Act”

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