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Another Ridiculous Liberal Gun Control Meme Shot to Pieces

Once again the hoplophobic Neanderthals of the gun control lobby show their true ignorant colors.

And their poor taste in music.

Before shredding this cartoon, how about a little factoid for these people.

Violent crime has been steadily decreasing across the United States since 1993. Meanwhile gun ownership has risen.

Now that you are armed with that tidbit of factual evidence, let’s break this ignorant cartoon down image by image.

Interesting that violent crime was much higher BEFORE gaming got really big in the United States and certainly before the more realistic-type ‘shooting’ games were even introduced to the public.

Once again, gun control addicts have to find SOMEONE to blame other than the actual person who commits a crime.

Hollywood has always put out movies that have violence. They have all kinds of movies with all kinds of violence not even gun related. They are movies. Fake, not reality.

But of course they must blame SOMEONE rather than the actual criminals committing crimes.

The 2nd Amendment applies to ‘we, the people.’ The people demand firearms. Gun dealers and manufacturers are simply meeting the demand of we, the people.

Selling firearms isn’t the cause of gun violence, gun deaths or gun crimes. HUMANS are the causes of these things.

Again, the hoplophobes in the gun control lobby have to blame SOMEONE other than the people actually using firearms improperly.

And last but not least…

Even Democrats didn’t pass any gun control legislation when they had control over the House and Senate under Obama’s first couple of years in office.

It has nothing to do with the NRA and everything to do with their constituents. Yes, Virginia, many Democrats actually support the 2nd Amendment.

It’s funny they talk about the NRA but they don’t talk about the MILLIONS of dollars being spent by the gun control lobby on legislators isn’t it? No, THAT money doesn’t mean a thing.

The reason gun control does get passed by Congress is because it isn’t the ‘will’ of the people. More people are for 2nd Amendment Rights now than have been in decades.

One of the reasons is due to the gun control lobby. They are constantly pushing lies, propaganda and threats to disarm Americans who simply want to protect themselves.

This causes more Americans to go out and purchase firearms.

The gun control lobby is the biggest and best supporter the firearm industry has ever had, not the NRA.

And thanks to the gun control lobby, more Americans become 2nd Amendment activists every day.

When cartoons like this come out, it’s easy to shoot holes through every claim they make.

Why? Because all they do is blame EVERYONE but actual criminals.

Because all they do is LIE.

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