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BREAKING: The Day After Releasing Five, Iran Takes Three More Americans HOSTAGE

Editor:  Treason and those in Congress who KNOW IT and do nothing about it are just a guilty as Obama and his administration.  More so.
Repeal and Replace CONGRESS if they fail to impeach Obama.

The day after releasing five American hostages, three other Americans were kidnapped by Iranian backed militiamen in Iraq.

Because Iran needed replacement hostages, the two men and one woman – all U.S. citizens – were seized by militiamen in an apartment in Baghdad. The Americans were contractors working at the city’s international airport .

An Iraqi police official said the three Americans were: Amro Mohamed, Wael al-Mahdawi and a female, Rusul Farad. The Americans are of Iraqi decent.
The Washington Post is reporting the three Americans were seized by Shiite militiamen in the Dora neighborhood in Southern Baghdad – and area controlled by the Iranian-backed Asaib Ahl al-Haq, or “League of the Righteous.”

The colonel said the group had been invited to the home of their Iraqi interpreter. But a resident of the apartment building where the Americans were reportedly seized said they were taken from a second-story apartment that he described as a well-known brothel. The police major general also said the apartment was a brothel. The resident said the apartment is subject to frequent raids by Asaib Ahl ­al-Haq, although typically the men found inside are simply told to leave. He said that he witnessed part of the raid but that it happened late at night and was over quickly.

The Baghdad Operations Command described the apartment as “suspicious” in its statement. An intelligence officer assigned to Dora said that agents had raided the apartment in the wake of the kidnappings and found whiskey bottles but that the residence had been abandoned. The owner of the apartment is a man locals refer to as Abu Maria, the intelligence officer and other residents in the area said. Abu Maria is known for throwing illicit parties, they said.
Iran is playing a game of “Go Fish” with Americans. Let some go, grab some more.

What will the Obama Administration do now that – once again – Iran is holding American hostages? The sanctions have been lifted and Iran now has exactly what they want: The freedom to sell their oil and make millions for the mullahs, while holding Americans prisoner for even more concessions.



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