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BRUTAL Cartoon Shows Who’s Excited About Obama’s Iran Deal

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Via Sierra Marlee

Tuesday night hosted the final State Of The Union Address of the Obama presidency, and many of his remarks were not received warmly by Republicans.

Pollster Frank Luntz says that his Republican focus group “actually let out a howl” after Obama began boasting the “success” of the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Of the two people asked about the reaction, both had positive things to say about the deal, but after a raise of hands, it was clear the majority of the group did not share their optimism.

Watch the video below:

The interactive graph shows that during the lowest point, Republican members dialed in an 18, and Democrats dialed in a 62. For reference, 100 is the most favorable rating.


According to Luntz, this remark garnered “some of the worst responses among Republicans” that he had seen during the entire speech.

What do you think of the Iran Deal? Does it have the potential to be positive, or was it a naive move? Let us know in the comments!

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