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OP-ED: What If Hillary Isn’t Indicted?

 Editor:  Dog and pony shows aside Congress has shown it has no stomach for upholding their oaths of office, or defending the Constitution.  They have only one goal in mind and that is to get re-elected.   If defending the Constitution means offending anyone COUNT CONGRESS OUT.  This past week the RNC considered a Resolution to send to congress to impeach Obama.  They UNANIMOUSLY VOTED IT DOWN.   Some of those have acknowledge both in print and in interviews that Obama is guilty of impeachable acts.  Under the law that means they are as guilty as Obama is.  Stand by for more news!


Hillary Clinton is on a collision course with the rule of law.

The Democratic Establishment presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is plugging along, still the odds-on favorite to win the party’s nomination. Despite surges by Bernie Sanders – especially in New Hampshire – national polling puts her way ahead of Bernie.

The Democrats – led by Debbie Wasserman Schultz have done everything they can to secure Hillary’s nomination – limiting the debates, whipping up charges against the Sanders campaign and even working out cozy –and illegal – financial transactions with Hillary.

They’ve convinced Democratic voters that they need to hitch their wagon – and their future – to Hillary Clinton.

But it’s now becoming increasingly likely – especially with the most recent revelation about Hillary’s handling of classified information – that there is all the evidence needed to indict Hillary. The New York Times even wrote about it yesterday, which gives a good indication that liberals can’t ignore it anymore.

So what to do? The Democrats have hitched their wagon to a failed candidate, a flawed candidate – a criminal candidate – worse yet, a candidate who may actually face jail time.

Will Obama’s Justice Department – as politicized as it is – indict Hillary? Can they afford not to?

If they don’t – if Obama and Loretta Lynch and everyone else in the administration – decide to ignore the mountains of evidence that Hillary committed serious crimes that jeopardize national security –what will happen? What happens to this country?

Surely there are plenty of bright-eyed and dimwitted ultra-leftists, radical feminists, millennials and others who won’t care. The “rule of law” is not part of their worldview. Selective enforcement is as prevalent as their selective outrage. They’d support Hillary Clinton if she admitted to being JFK’s second shooter (she’s old enough, you know).

But what of the rest of America? The America that goes to work every day, pays their bills and believes that crimes get punished – that bad people go to jail – that we have the rule of law in this country. What of them?

Roger Simon at PJ Media makes a good point: Rebellion and outrage on the left is always dependent on the rest of us going to work and getting the job done.College kids taking over a park while daddy pays their allowance,” as Roger puts it. What happens when daddy rebels? Who pays the bills then? Who makes America work then?

Democrats are in deep trouble. Or, as MSNBC”s Mika Brzezinski put it: They’ve “screwed themselves.”

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