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STRANGE: RINO John Kasich Just Revealed He Has a Gigantic ‘Messiah Complex’

RINO John Kasich really says some strange things at times — very weird.

Take for example his past statements that Jesus is for Obamacare — he sounds like a progressive leftist Democrat at times. He twists biblical scripture to justify his establishment RINO squish credentials and it’s really disgusting.

But the big government Republican — a former conservative while in Congress — topped his past ridiculous statements, painting himself in terms that are very close to how Jesus is described in the Bible, which describes our Lord and Savior as “the Prince of Peace” and the “Light of the World.”

Additionally, during an interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Kasich not only referred to himself in Christ-like terms, but also told Hugh Hewitt that he’s not like the other Republican candidates in the race, who are “like the ‘Prince of Darkness,’” — the “Prince of Darkness” is a name given to Satan.

Hugh Hewitt: “Now I said after the last debate that you stayed very disciplined and presented a “I got the experience, been there, done that” message. Is that what is working in New Hampshire?”

John Kasich: “Well, I think it’s some things . I think first of all, I have the experience and I’ve had success and I’ve been a reformer all lot my life. You can’t come from the [inaudible] rocks as you know Hugh, and not be a reformer, and I have a message – look, we have a lot of candidates who like the “Prince of Darkness,” I consider myself the “Prince of Light and Hope” and I don’t spend all my time getting people riled up about how bad everything is.”

It sounds like someone other than Barack Obama has a “Messiah complex.”

h/t:  National Review

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