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Mainstream Media Bias on Hillary Clinton BRILLIANTLY Exposed

Via Robert Gehl:

Hillary Clinton is brushing off an old excuse to explain away some seriously damaging reports about her ongoing e-mail scandal: It’s the “vast right-wing conspiracy.

Like she did when her husband was in the White House in the 90s, Clinton and her campaign are attacking the media, the intelligence community and an Obama-appointed Inspector for selective releasing documents to damage her campaign.

This was their tactic as they brushed off a scandalous report Tuesday in the New York Times (of all places) that Hillary transmitted information that was “beyond top secret” from her homebrew email system.

“It is alarming that the intelligence community IG, working with Republicans in Congress, continues to selectively leak materials in order to resurface the same allegations and try to hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign,” Clinton’s spokesman Brian Fallon wrote in a statement.

The “IG” that Fallon is referring to is I. Charles McCullough, the Inspector General for the Office of the Intelligence Community – an Obama appointee.

Over on MNSBC, a station well-known to favor the Clintons, they could barely contain their shock that Clinton would try to fall back on the “vast right wing conspiracy” defense.

As Fox News reported on Tuesday, McCullough sent a letter last week to the chairmen of the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committees — as well as to the heads of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the State Department’s inspector general — noting that his investigators had discovered “several dozen emails containing classified information determined by the IC element to be at the CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET/SAP information.”

BBC anchor and panelist Katty Kay said that the email scandal raises questions about Clinton’s trustworthiness, but more importantly, it shows that she feels she is above the law.

“Every time it resurfaces, it raises again those issues of not just trustworthy, but is there something about the Clintons or the Clinton campaign that kind of believes they’re above the law?” Kay asked. “I think that’s what’s damaging here to Hillary Clinton. This sense of sort of, they’re somehow above the regulations and that they didn’t need to do what everyone else would have to do or would’ve had to do in their circumstances.”

On CNN, Fallon was asked what evidence he had that McCullough was working with Republicans to destroy Hillary.

Asked what evidence he has, Fallon stated his belief that McCullough sought to save face in response to a Politico article published two months ago that “directly challenged” his determination this summer that the two emails maintained on Clinton’s server were “top secret.”

“I don’t think he liked that very much. So I think that he put two Republican senators up to sending him a letter so that he would have a excuse to resurface the same allegations he made back in the summer that have been discredited,” Fallon said, without providing evidence to back up his claim.

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