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Senate Democrats Make Dangerous Choice Of Party Over Country

Senate Democrats have blocked a Republican-led effort to tighten screening of refugees coming from Syria and Iraq.

Because some of these refugees are terrorists, the SAFE Act passed overwhelmingly in the House last year. It would have simply required that the directors of the FBI, Homeland Security and National Intelligence confirm each applicant from the two countries post “no threat.”

This sensible measure, however, was blocked by Sen. Harry Reid, who made a clear choice to defend Barack Obama from another unpopular veto over national security.

Reid argued that the bill was nothing more than a “divisive platform” that stems from Donald Trump’s anti-immigration “rhetoric.”

“Over and over again, Republicans remain committed to pledging loyalty to the divisive platform they have built for Donald Trump,” Reid said, according to the New York Times.

Sen. Ted Cruz reproached his fellow senators for putting politics above the security of the United States

“Today, partisan politics prevailed, as Democrats joined to block consideration of a bill that would have taken a modest but important step toward ensuring terrorists do not exploit our nation’s refugee programs.  Remarkably, the Democrats are unwilling even to require this administration to certify that it’s safe to admit refugees from Syria and Iraq. This obstructionism is especially egregious given that earlier this month, two terrorists, who came to the United States as Iraqi refugees, were apprehended in Sacramento and Houston,” Sen. Cruz said.

The House bill was bi-partisan. It passed 289-137 with almost 50 Democrats supporting it.

All three Republican Senators running for president – Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul – left the campaign trail to return to Washington and vote for the measure.

The White House said last year that President Obama would veto the bill if it ever came to his desk.

But it was not to be in the Senate because Harry Reid and his ilk are steadfastly loyal to Barack Obama and his dangerous measures.


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