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Trump Just Revealed He Didn’t Know THIS About Palin’s Endorsement Speech Until It Happened

Donald Trump expressed how grateful that he was Wednesday to receive Sarah Palin’s endorsement the previous day, but did mention one thing that surprised him about her speech.

CNN’s Don Lemon asked the GOP frontrunner, “Were you uncomfortable there for a bit watching Sarah Palin?” The anchor said he and others observed Trump appeared to be restless.

“No, not at all,” Trump replied. “You know, I was there. I didn’t know it was going to be quite that long. But she made a very good speech.”

The billionaire candidate told Lemon that normally he would have left the stage when another person is speaking, but thought it would be “frankly nice” to stay.

“I thought it would be disrespectful to her if I left the stage,” he added.

Lemon played a clip of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh offering his two cents about how Trump appeared. “He’s not the kind of guy that stands aside, he just isn’t,” said Limbaugh. “He’s that dominant. He’s that ‘yuge’…”

rump said he heard feedback both ways, regarding whether he should have stayed on stage.

He went on to express how grateful he was for the former Alaska governor deciding to back his candidacy. “Sarah’s endorsement is a very powerful endorsement, especially in certain areas, like Iowa,” Trump said.

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Lemon pressed Trump whether there was some sort of quid pro quo behind Palin’s decision, which the candidate dismissed out-of-hand. Trump said Palin was the one who had initiated saying she wanted to endorse him and asked for nothing in return. “She wanted nothing. She loves the country, and wants what is good for the country and nothing else,” said Trump.

Palin’s speech endorsing Trump Tuesday in Iowa was 20 minutes long. USA Today identified the best throwback Palin-isms in her remarks including:

1. “No more pussy footin’ around”

2. “In fact, it’s time to drill, baby drill down and hold these folks accountable.”

3. “Let them duke it out, and let Allah sort it out.”

4. Obama packing up his “hopey, changey stuff.”

5. “Joe six-pack”

6. “He’s going rogue left and right.”

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