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Another DESPICABLE Liberal Gun Control Meme SHOT TO PIECES

Interesting that this meme by a Liberal, a group that have been bashing cops and military for years, tries to claim that the same people they bash are suddenly ‘good guys’ with guns.

Not only that but they of course insult every law-abiding gun owner in the United States and there are estimated to be around 90 million of them.

People use firearms for self defense on a daily basis, according to some estimates, women alone use firearms up to 200,000 per year in self defense.

As a result if the $10 million Obama paid to have a study on gun violence done, the CDC concurred that use of firearms for self defense is an ‘important crime deterrent.

More people use firearms in self defense every year than in crimes.

How many lives are saved each year because a potential victim had a firearm and therefore didn’t become the victim?

The gun control lobby likes to belittle and ridicule law-abiding gun owners because they simply abhor the truth – guns save lives.

Mothers, women, Fathers, men, the elderly and disabled, Veterans and military all use firearms to protect themselves. Why? Because they are their own first line of defense.

The ‘good guys’ with a gun as described in this meme can’t help when you need it because they are minutes away when seconds matter.

The gun control lobby wants you to wait for the good guys with a gun rather than BEING your own good guy with a gun because they are hoplophobic anti-2nd Amendment tools who hate freedom.

These are the same people who claim to be for ‘women’s rights’ but want women to be VICTIMS.

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Kimberly Morin has been writing about politics since early 2009. She began writing as the Boston Conservative Independent Examiner and has since moved to the ‘Live Free or Die’ state of New Hampshire where she is the Manchester Political Buzz Examiner. Kimberly is a Political Commentator, researcher and activist.

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