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Gun Store Sign: We Don’t Sell To TERRORISTS Or DEMOCRATS!


After a local city councilman told residents they should go outside and throw rocks at police who chase fleeing suspects through his town, Mississippi gun store owner, Tim Wolverton, had enough.

So he posted signs at his gun store saying exactly how he felt.

One read: “Sorry, We don’t sell guns to TERRORISTS or DEMOCRATS! It’s TOO HARD to tell the difference!”, and the second one had an images of Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes with Barack Obama and read “If you vote for Kenneth Stokes or Barack Obama, you’re too stupid to own a gun. Please find another dealer.”


In addition to the inane comment about hurling rocks at police, Stokes also referred to gun dealers as “terrorists, thugs and hoodlums.”
Tim Wolverton told the local station that the signs started out as a joke, but he said now he’s serious.

“It kind of started out as a joke, but so is Kenneth Stokes,” Wolverton said. “But I’m serious about it. We’re pro-law enforcement, pro-military … and it’s a shame for a city councilman to not appreciate the law enforcement.”

Stokes reacted by – I think – calling Wolverton a bastard, but it’s hard to understand the councilman in the video. He did say that gun dealers were “terrorists, thugs and hoodlums” and said whoever displays the signs needs to be “held in contempt of court and put in the federal penitentiary.”

A few weeks ago, Stokes said that police who chase fugitives across the border into his town should be attacked. They put children in danger when they speed through the city, he said, and black leadership should “team up and use force.”
“What I suggest is we get the black leadership together, and as these jurisdictions come into Jackson we throw rocks and bricks and bottles at them. That will send a message we don’t want you in here,” he says.

Based on the above video, I sympathize with Wolverton. Councilman Stokes is either a moron or dangerously delusional.

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