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State Dept. Wants To Wait Until AFTER Four Primaries To Release Last Batch Of Hillary’s Emails

 Editor:   Pure politics NO JUSTICE.  No wonder 60% of Americans polled believe America NEEDS A NEW MAJOR PARTY!

The State Department is trying to avoid releasing their final list of emails from Hillary’s home-brew personal server, blaming a two-day snowstorm.

In a court filing, they’re trying to put off for an entire month the required Jan. 29 release of the last batch of more than 55,000 pages of Clinton’s work-related e-mails.

In the request, they’re also claiming they forgot to send the e-mails to other agencies to review for potential redactions, The Hill is reporting. There are fewer than 10,000 pages left.
So – to summarize, stupidity and a two-day snowstorm is the reason for a request to wait an entire month to release the last batch of these e-mails.

“State overlooked some necessary consultations at a time when the Clinton email team’s efforts were focused on processing records that had already gone through interagency consultation in order to meet the monthly interim goals,” the department said in Friday’s court filing. “Thus, this oversight was not detected until the push to meet the final deadline.”

This “push,” they claim, was “interrupted” by the massive snowstorm expected to hit the Washington, D.C. area this weekend.

“[T]his storm will disrupt the Clinton email team’s current plans to work a significant number of hours throughout the upcoming weekend and could affect the number of documents that can be produced on January 29, 2016,” the Obama administration said.
The State Department insists that the delay isn’t due to the constant flow of negative press that follows each release, as more and more damning information comes out. They’re asking to push the release back to Feb. 29 – after the primaries and caucuses in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Republicans have repeatedly accused the Obama administration of coming to Clinton’s political aid, and said on Friday that the State Department’s move was just the latest example.

The delay “is all about ensuring any further damaging developments in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are revealed only after the votes are counted in the early nominating states,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement.

“The American people should be outraged at the Obama administration’s gamesmanship to protect someone who recklessly exposed classified information on more than 1,300 occasions, including highly sensitive top secret intelligence,” he added.

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