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Congress’ Dumbest Member: Obama Already Fixed The Border!


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee – arguably the dumbest and meanest member of Congress – doesn’t know what the fuss about immigration is all about – Barack Obama already fixed the border.
The Texas Democrat said she objected to the tone of a House border security bill that she said “militarizes the country,” The Daily Caller is reporting.

“The president has spent $108 billion on border security, and we have been successful,” Jackson Lee said in a Homeland Security committee markup Wednesday. “Oh we’ve had our moments, but we have been successful.”

She brushed off the recent surge of unaccompanied children and Central American immigrants flooding across the border, saying only “I know we had a disagreement.”

But those children streaming across into the United States doesn’t signal a problem with border security because authorities had “operational control” of the situation.
This woman is a U.S. Congressperson from a border state, folks. That her constituents continue to re-elect her is beyond comprehension. From The Daily Caller:

After tens of thousands of Central American children and teens crossed the border illegally last summer, House Speaker John Boehner wrote a letter to Obama saying his policies were directly responsible for the surge, because they led the immigrants to believe they could stay.

The surge reignited the immigration debate, and another surge is expected this summer. But Jackson Lee argued the border is fine, because the border patrol agents were able to safely detain and supervise most of the children. “They had operational control,” she said.
Lee has long claimed the border is secure. Last year, when MSNBC tried to pin her down on whether or not she thinks the border is “secure,” she all but said it was.
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