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Back Door On Encryption Left Wide Open For South Carolina GOP Debate

Any candidate that skirts a serious question like the one posed to candidate Fiorina, which was at odds with her tech industry experience, is asking for criticism both on a technical and policy front. Nor should the rest of the GOP candidates be excused for their acquiescence giving her the final word during a national debate. American voters and citizens deserve better than a candidate’s deliberate deflection particularly holding advisory board experience with the NSA. They also deserve candidates with real law enforcement credentials that should be capable of manifesting a serious answer and rebuttal.

Consulting firm brought to fame by Edward Snowden, Booz Allen Hamilton, publishes articles on the “Art and Science Behind Cyber Challenges” highlighting the cyber challenges we face on a global level is striking the right balance between private and public sectors. Artist and scientific inventor Da Vinci expressed his concern on authority unchecked as “nothing strengthens authority as silence” understanding too the importance of balance. Unfortunately, Fiorina had been viewed as the authoritative source in the GOP on tech and cyber issues. The South Carolina debate this Thursday can be fertile ground to remove Fiorina’s authoritative veneer, masked in counterfactual information during the last GOP debate, and for the rest of the GOP presidential lineup to demonstrate they are on top of these pressing national security vulnerabilities spiraling from cybersecurity.

South Carolina has first hand experience with cybersecurity hacks with massive cyber breaches resulting in approximately 5.7 million South Carolina taxpayers’ Social Security numbers being compromised. Gov. Nikki Haley called the episode in 2012 “a debacle.” South Carolina, home to the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center and one of Google’s largest national data centers, is a prime venue to revive the cyber encryption debate affecting the government and the private sector and hopefully close the back door left gaping after the last GOP debate in December.

Mattie Lolavar is President of M22 Strategies, Inc. policy and a communication group focusing on Cybersecurity in Washington, DC. She was the Republican nominee for Congress in California’s 36th District in 2010 and is a frequent commentator on syndicated national media.  She is the Founder of Cybersecurity Salon, an invitation only monthly meeting bridging the public and private sectors on cyber.


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