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Biden To Goldman Sachs Execs: ‘I’m Doing A Job Interview With You’


Vice President Joe Biden told a room of Goldman Sachs executives at a dinner Thursday in Davos that he was interviewing for a job with them.

“The real reason I’m here is I’ve announced I’m not running for president and I’m doing a job interview with you,” Biden said. According to the pool reporter, Biden appeared to only be half-joking when he made the remarks. The Vice President is in Switzerland with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, attending various events at the World Economic Forum.

He added, “So I’m not qualified but I may be coming back to talk to you because I need to. I’ve never been gainfully employed before.”

Biden told the group of executives that when President Obama asked him to join him as his vice presidential running mate in 2008, he initially did not want the job. Biden said that Obama then suggested secretary of state for him. After discussing both options with his wife Jill, both believed VP would be the better choice for the family.

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