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DANGEROUSLY NAÏVE: Robert Gates Says 30-Somethings In Obama’s National Security Circle Are “Clueless”

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes Obama’s national security team are dangerously clueless and naïve about world affairs, posing a great threat to the United States.

Gates points to two 30-something Administration officials – Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and former Special Assistant Samantha Power – as examples of youth and inexperience that has taken over the Obama Administration.

It’s an idealistic frenzy that has run amok. Nowhere better than in Egypt, the Daily Caller reports.

The rubber hit the road in 2011, when the Obama administration’s ideals of democracy, development and dignity came into contact with the Arab Spring. Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, massive crowds poured into Tahrir Square and called for the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Although Mubarak was a long-standing U.S. ally, feverish devotion to democracy swung the administration in favor of supporting local activists over a stable leader, who put down Islamic radicalism.

Older, weathered national security advisers expressed skepticism over the plan, but pressure from Rhodes and Power won out.

Mubarak stepped down, only to be replaced by Mohamed Morsi in June 2012, a leader of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. This is what Egyptian democracy produced.

It’s an absurd, naïve rhetoric about “spreading democracy” and “human rights” that has become a disaster.

The Obama Administration was bound and determined to portray themselves as the “opposite” of the Bush Administration.

Obama’s aides entered the White House full of plans for “dignity promotion”—a favorite phrase of Power’s meant to signal a contrast with Bush’s post-9/11 talk of “democracy promotion” and his second-term “Freedom Agenda” that many came to equate not with Bush’s lofty goal of “ending tyranny in our world” but with imposing Western values on countries like Iraq and Afghanistan at gunpoint.

Gates is not the only former official blasting the Obama Administration. Two former secretaries of defense have written books blasting Obama, and a third, Chuck Hagel, was essentially fired for refusing to speed up the transfer of hardened detainees out of Guantanamo Bay to fulfill an administration priority. Hagel said that the White House attempted to destroy him via anonymous comments to the press, even after he had informed the administration he would resign.

One of the two secretaries of defense, Leon Panetta, criticized Obama, because the U.S. has endlessly delayed moving into Syria. Gates also has said that airstrikes just aren’t enough to take down the Islamic State.

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