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Donald Trump Says America Needs More People Like Tom Brady [VIDEO]


Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump thinks that in order to make America great again the country will need more winners like New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.

The billion real estate mogul spotted a man wearing a Tom Brady themed Trump shirt which spurred the comments during a Monday night rally at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell’s Tsongas Center, according to CBS Boston. (VIDEO: Tom Brady — ‘I Support’ Trump … ‘That’s All I Have To Say About That’)

“Remember this, Tom Brady injured is still better than anybody else,” Trump said of the four-time NFL Super Bowl Champion.

Trump later added, “He’s a champ, and he’s a winner, and that’s what we need in this country. We need people like that.”


Trump seem enamored with the shirt worn by his supporter, and said in part, “Oh, I love that man. It says Trump and Tom Brady, look, together. I love Tom Brady.” (RELATED: Black Sports Commentator Respects ‘The Hell Out Of’ Tom Brady For Supporting Trump [VIDEO])

Trump and Brady (Credit: Screenshot/CBS Boston Video)

Trump and Brady (Credit: Screenshot/CBS Boston Video)

The leading Republican candidate also said he wants to get the shirt for himself. Brady has admitted to being friends with Trump for a long time, but as of late has not been warm to answering questions about The Donald. (RELATED: Tom Brady Is Done Talking Trump, OWNS Liberal Media For Daring To Ask … [VIDEO])

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