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Huckabee: ‘We Don’t Buy’ That Obama Says You Can Keep Your Guns [VIDEO]

“We have a lot of confidence in a president who told us ‘we could keep our doctor, we could keep our health insurance, it would cost us less.’ And now the latest is, ‘If you like your gun, you can keep it too,’ and frankly, we don’t buy it, we don’t believe it. He has lost his credibility.”

Obama’s “inept inability to work with Congress and pass legislation has led him to do what I never even imagined doing as a governor and that’s just going and doing it my own way.”

Huckabee said presidents are elected “to lead… to be able to shepherd things through. And if I can do it with a 90 percent Democrat legislature in Arkansas, there’s no excuse for any president not being able to lead in Washington if he knows what the heck he is doing when he gets there.”

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