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Illinois Republican Congressional Candidate Files Lawsuit Against Primary Petition Requirement as Applied to a Physically Disabled Person

Illinois is one of a minority of states that requires a petition for candidates to get on a primary ballot. On January 7, Andrew Straw filed a state lawsuit against the mandatory petition requirement, as applied to individuals like himself who are physically disabled. Straw is a Republican candidate for U.S. House, 8th district, which includes most of the northwest Chicago suburbs.

Straw needs 475 valid signatures to get on the Republican primary ballot. He collected 128, but his petition was challenged for not having enough signatures. He was in an auto accident in 2001 which left him with a crushed pelvis and two broken legs. He is permanently unable to stand or walk for very long without experiencing severe pain. His lawsuit argues that the federal ADA act requires states to make accomodations for handicapped individuals, and that the state should let such individuals collect signatures online, both by using e-signatures or by witnessing signatures over a video link like Skype or Facebook Video. The case is Straw v Illinois State Board of Elections, in Cook County Chancery Court, 2016CH-227. Here is his Complaint.

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