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Mark Levin: Because Of Race, Obama Is Reducing Mandatory Minimums On Violent Gun Offenders [AUDIO]

“So what we need here you see? We need more gun control,” Levin said, alluding to Obama. “That will fix everything.”

“We have individuals who will violate existing criminal statutes and have demonstrated they’re violent with weapons,” Levin argued. “And sentences have been reduced retroactively and prospectively for people who commit crimes with weapons, particularly with drug offenses. Why is that an exception? Oh I don’t know? Must be race.”

“This is, this is truly so pathetic. His proposals have nothing to do with anything that’s gone on, he weakens our security and our safety in this country with every one of this left-wing, ideologically driven policies,” Levin suggested. (RELATED: ‘I Reject That Thinking’ — Obama Doesn’t Care If His Gun Actions Can Actually Prevent Shootings [VIDEO])

“The media let him get away with it. They don’t discuss the constitutional violations, they won’t discuss this statute I just spoke about, they won’t discuss the fact that there’s absolutely no correlation between what he is about to propose and what is going on in this country. Nothing,” Levin argued. “And this just goes on because we live in the world of liberalism.”

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