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Megyn Kelly Asks White House About Muslim Attack On Cop – Their 2 Word Response Says It ALL

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Almost everyone had something to say about Thursday’s incident in which a gunman who said he supported ISIS attacked Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett with a gun, shooting him 17 times.

That is, everyone except President Obama, who over the course of his administration has shown a willingness to reply instantly and passionately when police are accused of a shooting.

When Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked about the latest Islamic lone wolf to stage an attack on American soil, the White House had two words to say, according to Kelly: “No comment.”

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She then discussed the implications of the White House’s silence with Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer.

“With any other administration we would be astonished.  But with this administration we’re not,” Krauthammer said. “Because they simply refuse — and it is not just becoming ridiculous, it is becoming tiresome.  Look, this was a jihadi attack, a terror attack within the United States, and you get no statement from the White House about this?”

“Uh-hm,” Kelly replied.

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“It’s because they don’t want to say what everybody understands, what the nature of this was,” Krauthammer said.

Readers of the web site Weasel Zippers expressed what many were thinking.

“When you talk to people this is exactly why they have such animosity towards this president and democrats in general. The hypocrisy is really just unbelievable,” posted Barbara Razza

“No comment? Can’t muster a word on behalf of an ambushed and injured officer? They can’t even bring themselves to say a simple ‘we are keeping Officer Hartnett in our thoughts & prayers as he recovers’?” posted a reader under the name “Blue Sky.”

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h/t: Weasel Zippers

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