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Not Over Yet: White House ‘Wouldn’t Rule Out’ More Executive Actions On Guns [VIDEO]


Less than a week after taking executive action against guns, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters “I wouldn’t rule out” more actions in President Barack Obama’s last 12 months in office.

Admitting the President had, “based on the most recent analysis,” done all his advisors believe he can do on his own, Earnest said that may not stop him from ordering those advisors to find a way for him to do more. Asked if the President is “maxed out now on what he can do with executive actions on gun control,” Earnest said yes, but admitted that might not stop him.

“Based on the most recent analysis that has been done, the answer to that question is yes, the President has done as much as he can,” Earnest said. “That said, I wouldn’t rule out that at some point over the next 12 months that the President’s team goes back to take another look to see if there’s more that can’t be done. But I’ll tell you there’s nothing we’re keeping in reserve in terms of actions the President could take.”


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