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Obama: ‘No Existential Threats’ Facing The US [VIDEO]

Laure followed up, asking, “That fear though is still incredibly real and in some ways it’s driving the current presidential campaign. … Do you take responsibility for that. … So after seven years of the Obama presidency do you feel you’re responsible for a certain hunger out there for the message that Donald Trump is putting out?”

“The message that Donald Trump is putting out has had adherents a lot of times during the course of our history,” Obama claimed. “You know, talk to me if he wins, then we’ll have a conversation about how responsible I feel about it, but I’m pretty confident that the overwhelming majority of Americans are looking for the kind of politics that does feed our hopes and not our fears, that does work together and doesn’t try to divide us, that isn’t looking for simplistic solutions and scapegoating but looks for us buckling down and figuring out how to do we make things work for the next generation.”

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