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Pressure Mounts Over Trump Spox’s ‘Bigoted’ Tweets

Beck, who has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president, questioned Trump’s judgment in having Pierson on his campaign staff, asking “Who has this woman on their payroll let alone your press secretary?”

Radio host Mark Levin also shared the story on Facebook, sounding taken aback in his three word caption: “She said what?”

Even Harry Potter author JK Rowling has inserted herself into the conversation, linking to a 2012 Pierson tweet on Sunday morning and adding the caption: “Death Eaters walk among us.” In the Harry Potter series, “Death-Eater” was the name given to followers of the evil Lord Voldemort. In the tweet that drew Rowling’s ire, Pierson tweeted: “Perfect Obama’s dad born in Africa, Mitt Romney’s dad born in Mexico. Any pure breeds left? #CNNDebate”

Pierson was grilled about the tweet in a Sunday morning appearance on CNN where she tried to play off the comment as “silliness,” a defense which didn’t appear to convince CNN anchor Brian Stelter.

Some Trump supporters have attempted to claim — without any evidence whatsoever — that the tweets were somehow faked, even though they came from Pierson’s account and can still be viewed online.

One article from Breitbart quoted a Tea Party blogger as saying that some of the tweets were “apparently from a fake twitter account,” but these claims are unsubstantiated.

The news organization’s coverage has drawn scrutiny for being heavily pro-Trump since last August, when Buzzfeed ran a story that cited four different Breitbart staffers as saying that Trump had provided “financial backing” to the website in exchange for favorable coverage. Breitbart leadership vehemently denied that claim.

The Trump campaign has not yet offered an official statement about Pierson’s tweets.

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