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Republicans Present Five Point Legislative Plan For Election Year

The Speaker criticized the president’s Affordable Care Act, saying it led to fewer choices, higher deductibles and less access to the consumer. “How do we not only repeal this law but what’s solutions lead us to lower costs and they truly patient centered system?” he asked.

The anti-poverty and opportunity agenda is an initiative, often dealt with by Democrats, but Ryan is quick to explain the differences between how Republicans plan to legislate fro how Democrats legislated it in the past.

Ryan told The Daily Caller, “The status quo, which is now the Obama administration, believe measuring success with the war on poverty is spending more money and having more federal programs and having Washington dictate solutions to communities,” Ryan said.

“We fundamentally reject that premise. We disagree with that. And so we believe the better more effective way of fighting poverty and combating the lack of upward mobility is to go at the root causes to break the cycle of poverty,” he said. “That means take our principles and apply them to this problem. What are our principles? We believe in freedom liberty self-determination government by consent government closest to the people. We believe in communities. We believe in federalism.”

Finally, Ryan described the “restoring the Constitution” piece of the Republican Party agenda for the year, calling it “critical” to the other four pieces.

“How do you restore the constitution because he presidents executive orders has undermined the constitution and damaged the peoples trust,” he said, later saying, “Look this is nothing short of a generational defining moment we are in. The country is crying out for solutions.”

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