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Speaker Ryan: Obama ‘Lives In His Own Sort Of Fantasy Land’ [VIDEO]

Hewitt followed up, “Now if that’s in fact the plan, and he’s living in fantasy land, there are at least two other people named Clinton and Sanders there who are willing to go full Sweden. That’s what I call it.”

Ryan agreed saying, “Yeah, I think that’s right.”

Hewitt responded by asking “And do you think there is anything close to a majority in America that wasn’t democratic socialism?”

“No, that’s why I’m excited. That’s why I’m optimistic. I really do not believe if A) given an alternative, and B) these ideas expose for what they actually are, the country will not choose that path,” Ryan said. “But you’ve got to give the country an actual choice. And that is what we, and the House Republicans, are going to do. We decided this year, we’re going to lay out a case for the country, a specific, bold, conservative pro-growth agenda for how we get us back on our axis, how we get our country back on track, here’s what it takes, here’s the plan, here’s what we will do if you give us the ability to do it.”

“We’re asking the country for a mandate election by saying here’s what we will do if you give us a Republican president and a Republican Congress, so that when we get elected, and if you give us this ability, you hold us accountable for doing it. That’s what Reagan did in ’80, and it worked,” Ryan argued. “And we affectionately refer to that time as the Reagan Revolution. And so we believe, because the country is on our side, the country does not want to be Sweden, the country wants the traditional American idea back, if we have an agenda that actually secures that, you know, does it in detail, and we lay it out there, we think we will win. And that’s what we intend to do.”


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