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The ‘new’ Constitution: Traps for the right?

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By Wes Vernon

There are several separate efforts under way to make changes in the Constitution of the United States. Two in particular are of immediate concern:

1 – The thundering silence by the media over the well-funded leftist effort to call a constitutional convention “by 2020” is in itself scary enough. Its potential for upholding basic American freedoms is not good. That would be by design of the leadership of this freedom-averse organization, controlled by a leftist elite, and funded by billionaire George Soros. If the U.S. goes down at the hands of this crowd, It would be no accident.

The “plot” thickens

2 – However, at the same time, there is also a project on the right that – however well-intended – could lead to similar undesirable results. That would likely be accidental and in spite of the leadership of this more freedom-oriented operation.

The problem: From what we can discern, the “bad guys” (the first group) here are better-funded and better organized and cohesive than the “good guys” (the second group.)

Playing around with freedom’s bedrock?

Again, as mentioned before (see this column “The silent issue for 2016: shall the Constitution literally die?” – 1/5/16), the Constitution itself provides the path to follow for anyone or group that wants to amend the Constitution. It is done basically through a method that passes the tests of both popular support and careful consideration. That is not what George Soros, whose money is heavily invested in The Constitution 2020, has in mind.

He and his acolytes are on a different wavelength – one that has little patience with the Constitution’s methodical approach to balancing popular will and stable government. He and his huge list of contributing supporters will have none of it. What they envision is a hostile takeover.

Out the window

There is much speculation as to whether Barack Obama will actively participate in this once he leaves the White House (if he does; he surely does not want to let go of his power). He just might very well find himself as an official mover in this post-presidency mischief, maybe chair the convention, then act as chief enforcer thereafter. Everything about the Constitution that enables you to live as a free citizen would be gone…out the window.

And that means

Just for starters, you can be certain that The Convention 2020 people regard as “hate speech” any open advocacy of traditional marriage, the free market, calling our enemies who they are, or enforcement of immigration laws. Call it whatever they will, free speech that we have been taking for granted would be circumvented – effectively banned. And that is only one example of many of what we can expect to see attempted under the 2020 “amended” Constitution.

How will they impose their diktat? Likely the way they often do: Destroy those who dissent, and see to it they are ruined personally, professionally, politically, and socially.

A trap for those who love America

For years, freedom-loving Americans have advocated constitutional amendments on all sorts of issues – i.e., requiring balanced budgets; upholding traditional…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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