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WaPo Columnist Claims Racial Double Standards In Oregon Standoff

“Not to worry, however, because the [armed] extremists who seized the remote Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon on Saturday are white. As such, they are permitted to engage in a ‘standoff’ with authorities who keep their distance lest there be needless loss of life.”

Actually, if past actions by the federal government are any indication the fanatical eagle patriots in Oregon have much to fear. Or does Robinson think Randy Weaver was black? Ditto for David Koresh?

In light of what happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge, how can anybody who reads newspapers—let alone writes for them—contend that the federal government goes easy on armed and potentially violent white people in standoffs?

Recounting these incidents to rebut Robinson feels almost foolish. But here goes.

In 1992, U.S. Marshals determined to arrest fugitive Randy Weaver ended up — to use Robinson’s terminology — pointing and shooting at his wife and son, killing both. The federal government paid $3.1 million to settle the lawsuit filed by Weaver, a white separatist, and his three daughters.

Then-FBI director Louis Freeh testified before a special Senate investigative committee that the incident was “synonymous with the exaggerated application of federal law enforcement” and stated “law enforcement overreacted at Ruby Ridge.”

In 1993, ATF agents set fire to the compound where Branch Davidian leader was holed up with his followers.  22 children were killed in the blaze. The FBI contended Koresh was killed by his top aide, who then committed suicide. Either way, entanglement with the government did not end well for this white guy.

The historical amnesia he displayed today is typical for Robinson, an MSNBC analyst who offers liberal readers and viewers little but the opportunity to confirm their own prejudices. He has claimed that opposition to Barack Obama is so vociferous partly due to racism.

Of course, because the right was so restrained in their criticism of Bill Clinton. Oh, wait, no, he was called a rapist, rightly or wrongly, and accused of offing his first White House counsel.

Robinson, who previously scurried away when confronted by the author of this column at Al Sharpton’s 2015 racial grievance convention, did not reply to a request for comment.









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