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Another Liberal Meme on Obama BLOWN to BITS by FACTS

It’s interesting that Occupy Democrats admits that our country is more divided than ever.

Of course, they would never admit that it’s thanks to Obama.

A majority of people voted for Obama back in 2008 because he claimed he would unite the country.

He has hardly united the country. He has been one of the most derisive and divisive Presidents in the history of the United States.

Rather than uniting the country due to his race, he chose to divide the country. And it started when he commented that the Cambridge Police acted ‘stupidly’ when they arrested one Professor Gates.

Remember that? That was pretty much the beginning of his division and derision as President. He made the commentary before knowing the facts and then had a ‘beer summit’ afterwards when finding out he was wrong.

He continued his division and derision as President when making commentary on the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown cases before knowing all the facts.

He has continually pitted people against the evil wealthy all while making them wealthier with his love affair with Wall Street.

Main Street has suffered under Obama but the left won’t admit it.

Poverty is at the highest it’s been in 50 years.

More people are on food stamps than in history.

More people are out of the workforce than in history.

But Obama was going to ‘unite’ the country. Anyone who disagreed with Obama’s policies was instantly called a racist. The term is so falsely used now that when a true case of racism exists, who the hell is going to believe it?

The meme is correct that Obama’s Presidency exposed the cockroaches – the disgusting cockroaches on the left.

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