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Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland and Captain Dan Quinn

On October 2, 2015, I recorded a podcast entitled Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland and Captain Dan Quinn. The basics of the story was that these two special forces soldiers served together in Afghanistan where apparently, child rape especially rape of small boys by men in authority over them, is epidemic.

Captain Quinn grew tired of the screams of a small boy chained to the bed of a local Afghan Commander whom he had helped train. He intervened and threw the Afghan rapist to the floor. 1st Sgt. Martland heard the commotion and came to Captain Quinn’s aid. Together they emphasized to the Afghan that they would not tolerate his behavior any longer.

This was just a small Afghan boy that no one in the world apart from his mother cared about — nameless and meaningless in the totality of a brutal war where life is cheap. That was his station in life, but he is actually a child created in the image of God whether anyone in the U.S. government or the Afghan army knows it or not.

Those two soldiers acted in a way that should make us all proud of them and should reflect well on the United States Army and the U.S. Armed Forces in general. I would have given them medals for what they did but instead Captain Quinn lost his command and was released from the army. I’m told he now works somewhere on Wall Street. 1st Sgt. Martland was ordered released but he appealed all the way through the administrative process and lost each step of the way. This was egregious!

It took the intervention of Congressman Duncan Hunter of California, U.S. Army Ranger and Vietnam Veteran, to persuade the army to change its mind. Thanks to the hard work of Congressman Hunter and his Chief of Staff Joe Kasper, the Army just announced that it has reconsidered and reinstated 1st Sgt. Martland.

I hope that his continued service will be long and with the respect of his fellow soldiers that his actions deserve.

Thank you to Congressman Hunter for having the will and determination to courageously serve one of our veterans at a time when his help was truly needed.

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