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Darrell Castle to Speak in Memphis: 23 May 2016



Darrell Castle, Constitution Party 2016 Presidential Nominee, has been invited to speak to a Campaign for Liberty meeting this evening, starting at 6:30 pm, 23 May 2016, at Jason’s Deli – 3473 Poplar Avenue, Memphis.   The meeting is free and open to the public.  Mr. Castle will discuss his run for the presidency and the main issues of his campaign, which are:

Withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations, and explain why this must happen Start the process to end the Federal Reserve system and return the United States to a constitutional monetary system Start the process of closing down all unconstitutional agencies of the federal government Return to fiscal sanity and solvency; bring spending under control and paying down the national debt Take a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy

Mr. Castle, a Memphis area attorney and Vietnam War veteran, who also served as the Constitution Party’s 2008 Vice-presidential Nominee running with Chuck Baldwin.

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Campaign Communications and Media Director: Karen Murray  

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