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This Just In: the ‘Gender Unicorn’

I am too a unicorn, I am, I am! My teacher says so!

I no sooner finish writing about how public school lays the groundwork for college to transform students into imbeciles, when an email came in alerting me to–oh, God, save us–something called “the gender unicorn:”

…the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district has embraced this “gender unicorn” which will teach students that there is no set truth about gender or sexuality.

Need I mention that there’s no such thing as a unicorn? Like, it’s not real. But even a unicorn is more real than this baloney.

This is a new teaching tool developed by perverts and fools to convince very young children that “gender” is anything you want it to be on any given day, no such thing anymore as boys or girls, blah-blah. It’s sort of like me saying I’m a Chinese girl with three eyes–obviously untrue, and if I were to keep saying it, people would think there was something quite wrong with me.

But this! Oh, this is sacred! Anyone who doesn’t hop on this bandwagon must be a biggit-biggit-biggit and a hater.

Well, okay, I do hate it–and the people who push it.

Christian parents who love and respect their children, and want the best for them, do not send their kids to public school.

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by Matt Barber with Paul Hair

The secular left doesn’t merely have a disagreement with Christianity. These are not people with whom one may reason, compromise or even disagree. They are dedicated to evil. They demand nothing less than the abolition of the biblical worldview, and the destruction of Christ’s followers right along with it.

Now is the time to fight back. If you are someone, Christian or not, who refuses to see Christianity wiped out (like it ever could be) and your children indoctrinated into pure evil, then sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option.


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