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Top police brass weighing probe in Melvin false arrest case Melvin false arrest

Lights flashing, Chattanooga police officers prepare to hop out of their cruiser to enforce a law. (Photo

The legwork in the investigation of Chattanooga policeman David Campbell is complete, apparently without interviews of witnesses who saw him arrest Hanson Melvin on May 29 at his Hixson apartment complex.

“It’s still in investigation,” Lt. Pedro Bacon says.

By David Tulis

“It’s in review stage. I’ve got it. And I’m reviewing it. The detective [Jeff Gaines] has wrapped up the case. From here, I’ll do my piece to it, I’ll do my synopsis and then I’ll forward it to my commander for him to make a disposition on it and then it goes through the process from there up the chain of administration.”

Officer Campbell lied on his sworn report and, to be consistent, lied to the grand jury to get an indictment, Mr. Melvin says.

Lt. Bacon says it’s up to department bosses to decide to “unsustain the claim” or impose disciplinary action.

Mr. Melvin met with state prosecutor Neal Pinkson to allege that the officer has violated criminal laws against perjury, false arrest, oppression and acting against an innocent citizen without probable cause.

The Campbell file goes out of internal affairs and it goes to Capt. Zach McCullough,who makes a recommendation and then the file goes to the chiefs, headed by Chief Fred Fletcher, Lt. Bacon says.

I asked him about getting an interview with Officer Campbell. “He’s not going to give you a comment on a case that’s ongoing,” Lt. Bacon says, and he cannot order him to talk with me. I ask about the departmental spokesman. A media specialist recently quit, and the new PIO, or public information officer, is Victor Miller.

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