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Girls cross country film hits theaters Aug. 26

A Tennessee-made movie about girls cross country runners hits theaters Thursday, Aug. 25-Friday Aug. 26.

“Remember the Goal” is a film about a Christian girls high school cross country team, the fictional Orange Hills Academy.

Most of the cast will appear in a premiere Aug. 25 at the Carmike theater in Franklin, Tenn., director Dave Christiano said. Certain other theaters will have Thursday night premieres:

Theater location state-by-state is at


A total of 78 theaters in 78 cities will show the movie. THE MOVIE WILL ONLY BE SHOWN IN THEATERS; IT WILL NOT BE SOLD ON DVD OR SHOWN ON CABLE DUE TO PIRACY, the director said.

Opening weekend is extremely crucial for a movie’s success, Christiano said. That determines how long a film will go in theaters and whether it expands its footprint.

Christiano said his goal is to entertain and to edify. The film is family-friendly with a strong faith element.

“Remember the Goal” was filmed in Nashville mostly over the Labor Day holiday in 2015. The race scenes for a state meet were shot at the Steeplechase course at Percy Warner Park on Sept. 5, 2015.

Christiano directed the movie, which is from The Christiano Brothers. They were the creative team that released “A Matter of Faith” last year.

“(Remember the Goal) is the very first feature length movie based on a girls cross country team that I think has ever been made,” he said, “and to me that’s pretty significant for these runners,” Christiano said. A former cross country runner on a high school championship team as well as a coach of two teams, he went to great lengths to make sure the race scenes were technically accurate.

In the movie, a new female coach, fresh out of college, takes over the cross country program at an all girls private Christian school and tries to lead them to their first state title, according to Christiano said he has a number of subplots within the movie to make sure it is entertaining. There are four life lessons for teens and two for parents, as well as a principle that coaches could use.

The cast and crew came mostly from the Nashville area. The leading girl runners are: Quinn Alexis, Jayla Palmer, Sydney Marks and McKensie Miller. Margaret Tant, the other actress on the “Orange Hills team,” is an active member on Sovereign Grace’s cross country team.

High school runners from throughout Middle Tennessee and even North Georgia showed up to be extras in the film.

Some of the top teams and individual runners in the state make an appearance in this film, namely the Ravenwood girls team and individual runner Claire Cheeseman from Brentwood Academy, he said. Also, the Brentwood High boys appear in a scene.

Remember the Goal has its own Facebook movie page and the movie’s website is The Christiano Brothers’ previous films include “Time Changer” and “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.

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