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The real seamless garment

Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International, writes:

HLI’s Founder, Father Paul Marx, met Mother Teresa on more than one occasion, and she was very supportive of HLI’s mission. Many of us in the office have a copy of a handwritten letter from Mother to Father Marx encouraging him to persevere. We draw strength from her example as well….The distinctive robes of the order she started, the Missionaries of Charity, point to an authentically Catholic approach to what the Church calls authentic, integral human development that takes into consideration every person and the whole person.

This is the real seamless garment: Mother’s self-donation to all in the name of Christ was a true effort of solidarity and subsidiarity, a personal encounter with her Savior in the poor. That’s how she saw it. There was absolutely no contradiction between her devotion to the poor and marginalized and her constant and passionate denunciation of abortion as the biggest destroyer of peace.

She knew that high level peace efforts were doomed to fail if they allowed or enabled the continuing assault against the most vulnerable in the womb. She knew that contraception was terrible for women and the family.

Her tireless work with some of the most destitute families in the world helped her to understand that such extreme poverty can constitute what the Church calls a grave reason to postpone pregnancy in many cases, so she devised a simple way of teaching natural family planning to women, which was effective and more in line with their freedom and dignity as persons made in God’s image than the present secular ‘solution’ of contraceptives and abortion.

The real seamless garment, indeed. Church leaders, take heed.

God bless Father Boquet for speaking the truth.

On a related note, please pray for those on the front lines of the abortion war, including sidewalk counselor Warren D., who recounted his latest experience with vicious pro-abortion activists known as “ICATs” while counseling in front of the Family Planning Associates abortuary, located at 659 West Washington Blvd. in downtown Chicago:

Today a 20-year-old mother by the name of Liz arrived with her 3-month-old son Tyler. Liz is affiliated with Christian Liberty Academy. She also arrived with a pro-lifer by the name of Colleen, who brought gift bags for the mothers going into 659. The ICATs mocked Liz for bringing her baby to 659.Then there was a man who brought his girlfriend for an abortion. He was angry and began yelling at Colleen, ‘Do you know how expensive an abortion is?’ or words to that effect. Colleen offered to counsel the man in private, but he refused. He then drove his car right in front of Jozi [another pro-life sidewalk counselor] and Colleen and began blasting heavy metal ‘music’ while Benita and another ICAT were dancing to the noise. His girlfriend came out and was obviously in a lot of pain. Jozi and Colleen prayed for them.

Another girl came out with her mother following her abortion and the ICATs informed Lu, who preaches the Word of God over a microphone adjacent to the parking lot entrance, that the girl wanted to pepper spray Lu. One of the ICATs, who had been mocking Liz, got into her SUV and backed it up in front of our people and began blasting music with the windows rolled down. At a previous point, she turned on the SUV’s car alarm.

The ICATs were snatching pro-life literature and just acting ugly. Several of the passers-by (dog-walkers and runners) thanked the ICATs for all they do and for being there. Two of the nastiest ICATS who used to come to Albany [a Chicago abortion facility that closed last year] were at 659 today. One begins coughing uncontrollably when we attempt to counsel the women. The other is a Christian-hater, particularly the Catholic Church. Come to think of it, there are few ICATs who are not nasty.

Colleen believes there was one possible save. This was a young black couple who stopped and were looking at baby Tyler for quite some time and finally drove off. If that was a ‘save,’ praise be to God!

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