The Modern Calculator Was Invented in a Nazi Death Camp

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The Modern Calculator Was Invented in a Nazi Death Camp

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For most people today, a calculator is just another phone app. It’s one of those devices that we take for less than granted, yet for those of us of a certain age it was nothing less than a technological liberator when it arrived, freeing scientists, engineers, and anyone who routinely used math from hours or days of tedious calculations.

Much truth can be found in foreign media relating to things that happen in their own back yards on topics to which they owe no allegiance to American elites / establishment.  Note however that they often do not understand how the American government operates either constitutionally or in practice. provides these articles as an alternative window on the news.  To see the errors, as in any media, you must know the truth or you will get caught up on someone's agenda who does not seek your best interests.  

Link:  The Modern Calculator Was Invented in a Nazi Death Camp

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