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Common law marriage closer to biblical definition

A bride gets ready for her nuptials. (Photo Ginger Sumerlin Photography)

We have the blind leading the blind too long in this country. It is past time that people wake up and see what is going on in their world.

Case in point is the marriage license. Now for once, stop and think. What is it about marriage for which you need to get a third-party permission?

By John Ballinger

Come on now — and think.

Is common law marriage not able to handle your needs?  Common law marriage is more in line to handle this relationship. But then, again, it is according to what your definition of marriage is.

Common law marriage is more in line with the true definition of marriage because in common law two people marry as of a right. The state’s statutory marriage scheme does not begin to have anything to do with the true meaning of marriage.

You can find the true meaning of marriage in the Holy Bible. It comes down to the fact that if you obey GOD’S LAW you follow God’s meaning of marriage. If  you follow man’s law,  there is only one marriage and that is man-created statutory marriage. You get the state’s permission to marry because you believe yourself incapable of uniting with your beloved on your own, as a matter of creational right.  

I have four kids. The oldest  has been married for 25 years. The other three are married also.  I told each one of them if you get a state statutory marriage I will not waste my time going to your so-called wedding.  They did — and I did not go.

Except one of my sons got the state license but lied to me. saying he did not get the state license. So I went to his wedding. I asked the preacher about it, and he lied to me also.  I found out later he had gotten the statutory license.

You are either married or not, and the state license has nothing to do with the true marriage relationship.

Oh, yes, 55 years ago when my wife and I married, we were like most everyone else. We got the license. When I realized my mistake, I wrote the marriage license people and told them I had thrown their marriage certificate in the trash and that I expected them to do the same with their record of our license.

Now go and find the true meaning of marriage and compare between God’s law and man’s law.

— John Ballinger, the “Gnome of Strawberry Plains,” is a carpenter who has spent much of his life studying law and staying out of the way of the “good people” in Washington and Nashville.

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