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Stop Haslam’s Gas Tax! CALL Legislators NOW! | 6TH District Patriots

As we know, Governor Haslam is recommending a gas tax hike with monies being designated to TDOT for road and bridge repairs and upkeep. This tax increase will have a direct impact upon our purchasing power.  The people in the end will be subjected to an increased cost for their purchases no matter what the commodity.   The trucking business will increase costs to offset the gas hike which will be transferred to businesses and businesses will increase the cost of their commodities to the people.  There are ways in which monies can be designated to TDOT without a gas tax increase.  Remember, Tennessee currently has 1.8 billion in surplus revenues.  Can any of these monies be used by TDOT or are there other revenue measures to offset a gas tax hike?  The District 6 Patriots will have Andy Ogles, TN Director, Americans For Prosperity speak to this matter at our February 9thmeeting.  You will be in receipt of additional information regarding this meeting.
At this time, however, it so important that you voice your concern of the pending gas tax hike to elected officials who will be reviewing and voting on this issue.   The following Senate and House Committees will be involved: Senate Transportation and Safety Committee, Senate Finance Ways and Means Committee, House Transportation Subcommittee and House Finance Ways and Means Committee.
    Paul Bailey (R), Chairperson   615-741-3978
    Mae Beavers (R), 1st Vice Chairperson   615-741-2421
    Frank Nicely (R), 2nd Vice-Chairperson  615-741-2061
    Janice Bowling (R)   615-741-6694
    Richard Briggs (R)   615-741-1766
    Becky Massey  (R)   615-741-1648
    John Stevens   (R)   615-741-4576
    Jim Tracy         (R)   615-741-1066
    Jeff Yarbro       (D)   615-741-3291
    Bo Watson  (R),  Chairperson    615-741-3227
    John Stevens  (R), 1st Vice Chairperson   615-741-4576
    Doug Overbey  (R),  2nd Vice Chairperson   615-741-0981
    Steven Dickerson  (R)  615-741-6679
    Todd Gardenshire  (R)  615-741-6682
    Ferrell Haile          (R)  615-741-1999
    Thelma Harper      (D)  615-741-2453
    Joey Hensley         (R)  615-741-3100
    Bill Ketron             (R)  615-741-6853
    Mark Norrie           (R)  615-741-1967
    Reginald Tate        (D)  615-741-2509
    Barry Doss  (R),  Chairperson  615-741-74769D0
    Courtney Rogers  (R),  Vice Chairperson  615-741-3893
    David Alexander   (R)  615-741-3830
    Dale Carr             (R)  615-741-5981
    Barbara Cooper    (D)  615-741-4295
    Bill Dunn              (R)  615-741-1721
    Timothy Hill          (R)  615-741-2050
    Kelly Keisling        (R)  615-741-6852
    Bo Mitchell           (D)  615-741-4317
    Bill Sanders          (R)  615-741-0718
    Jerry Sexton         (R)  615-741-2534
    Eddie Smith          (R)  615-741-2031
    Ron Travis            (R)  615-741-1450
    Jonnie Turner        (D)  615-741-6954
    Terri Lynn Weaver  (R)  615-741-2192
    Sam Whitson         (R)  615-741-1864R)
    John Mark Windle   (D)  615-741-1260
    Jason Zachery        (R)  615-741-2264
     Charles Sargent  (R),  Chairperson  615-741-6808
     Kevin Brooks  (R),  Vice Chairperson  615-741-1350
     David Byrd        (R)  615-741-2190
     Karen Camper   (D)  615-741-1898
     Mike Carter       (R)  615-741-3025
    Jim Coley           (R)  615-741-8201
    John Crawford    (R)  615-741-7623
    John J. DeBerry  (D)  615-741-2239
    Craig Fitzhugh    (D)  615-741-2134
    Brenda Gilmore  (D)  615-741-1997
    David Hawk       (R)  615-741-7482
    Patsy Hazelwood (R)  615-741-2746
    Gary Hicks         (R)  615-741-7480
    Matthew Hill       (R)  615-741-2251
    Curtis Johnson    (R)  615-741-4341
    Harold M. Love    (D)  615-741-3831
    Susan Lynn         (R)  615-741-7462
    Gerald McCormick (R) 615-741-2548
    Steve McDaniel    (R)  615-741-0750
    Larry J. Miller      (D)  615-741-4453
    Art Swann           (R)  615-741-5481
    Ryan Williams      (R)  615-741-1875
    Tim Wirgau          (R)  615-741-6804
Please note that it has been cited that the most effective way to have elected officials listen is to CALL them.
Thank you.
Received by email from 6th District Patriots

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