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What are the implications of the future of the United States Supreme Court and the abolition of the so-called “nuclear option”? The abolition of the filibuster rule in the United States Senate?

Mat Staver: You know the future of the United States Supreme Court literally is hanging in the balance. We had this opportunity back in 2008 where, if we had the right president who would have appointed or nominated the right people on the Supreme Court, Roe versus Wade would be history.

Unfortunately, obama got elected and he put on the court two people that will side with abortion: Kagan and Sotomayor. So unfortunately, historically we missed that huge opportunity. But now we have a significant opportunity.

Gorsuch is on the bench, and they’re several people who could step down voluntarily to retire, or for other health reasons. for example, you’ve got Kennedy, a likely candidate to step down during a Republican presidency. A replacement with an Originalist will ultimately mean that Roe versus Wade could be history…

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