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Last week, I had the opportunity to appear on the Jason Stapleton Program to talk about efforts to get the Texas Bullion Depository up and running. We also talked more generally about the importance of sound money and how state actions can set the stage to nullify the fed.


Earlier this month, the Texas House passed a bill to help get the Texas Bullion Depository up and running. The legislature authorized the creation of a gold depository back in 2015. Once operational, private individuals and entities will be able to purchase goods and services, using assets in the vault the same way they use cash today.

During my discussion with Jason, I explained the broader significance of the depository.

“Something like this allows people to deal in honest, sound money. It could be huge. And the idea is the good money drives out the bad. This is a a way to undermine the Federal Reserve system without having to rely on Congress to “end the Fed,” which is a great idea, but it’s never going to happen.”

We also talked more generally about the importance of sound money. and how the government and Federal Reserve have eroded that foundation. As I point out, freedom needs a sound money system.

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