Take IOTC’s U.S. Constitution Course for FREE Starting July 12th, 2017

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You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn the U.S. Constitution:

At Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) we are extending a Summer School Government/Civics credit for free!

Sponsored by an anonymous donor, a scholarship fund was established for the sole purpose of providing the IOTC U.S. Constitution course to middle and high school students; however, this course is also available for all ages online!

Those who register will undertake an in depth U.S. Government study, learning about the foundations of law and government in America. The course is 12 lectures long, and will be taught in 6 consecutive Wednesdays this summer.


When: 6 Consecutive Wednesdays: 7/12 – 8/16; 12:30-2pm EST


8028 Ritchie Hwy Suite #315
Pasadena MD 21122
$35 Student workbook (optional)
Includes graduation diploma

WE ALSO OFFER THIS FOR ONLINE VIEWING! *Please contact us for more information at 1-866-730-9796

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Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) is pleased and privileged to initiate and to support a national program promoting the American View of Law and Government in secondary schools and home schools across America. Under this program, American Clubs have been formed in schools and on University Campuses.

From Mike Warner your editor:  the IOTC is the source for materials used by "American Clubs" across the nation to re-ignite the wonder of America's true historical, legal and philosophical foundations in the minds our a school age children.  I host a monthly "American Clubs Coaching" seminar to showcase the IOTC materials to Montgomery County Tennessee, and surrounding areas. The IOTC is associated with Liberty Council which provides free legal support to insure your local school district does not violate the Constitution by prohibiting "American Clubs" in schools.  Typically all that is required is a letter from them to successfully encourage schools, school boards, city councils, county commissions and legislators to reverse any negative decisions.

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Source:  http://www.theamericanview.com/take-iotcs-u-s-constitution-course-for-free-starting-july-12th-2017/

Institute on the Constitution

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