Food Sovereignty Victory in Maine: Interview on the Robert Scott Bell Show

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I was recently a guest on the Robert Scott Bell show to talk about a big win for food sovereignty in Maine. During the interview, we discussed how local action can actually impede big federal agencies like the FDA.


Last month, Maine Gov. Paul LePage signed a bill into law that gives local governments the authority to enact ordinances regulating local food distribution without state interference.Obviously getting state regulators out of local food decisions is a win. But the the new law will also help thwart FDA regulation. As I explained to Robert Scott Bell, without state help to enforce federal law, the federal food police don’t have the resources to do it themselves.

We also discussed the fact that 37 states have passed Right to Try laws nullifying a small segment of FDA regulations relating to experimental treatments.

Then we got even more fundamental.

“It’s nobody’s business what you put in your body. It’s nobody’s business what I put in my body. And this nanny-state mentality – it just drives me crazy … Stop telling me what to do!”

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