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Activism 101 Podcast #6: You Gotta Have a Plan

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This is the sixth installment of a podcast following local activism efforts I am spearheading to address the surveillance state in Lexington, Ky. Through this series, you will get an inside look at boots-on-the-ground activism as it happens. The goal is to create a step-by-step how-to on tackling issues at the local level. You can access the other episodes HERE.

The key to successful activism is putting together a solid plan.

Up to this point, we have primarily been on a fact-finding mission. We’ve identified a problem that needs to be addressed. We gathered as much information as we can get through publicly available sources and open records requests. We have a solid understanding of the issue at hand. Now it’s time to formulate a plan of attack.

In this episode of the Activism 101 podcast, I talk about one of biggest keys to success: developing a specific, actionable, achievable plan.


Our Plan

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