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Who Does Civil Asset Forfeiture Target Most?:

Forfeitures disproportionately target neighborhoods with relatively high levels of minorities
and low-income residents.
– 66 percent of forfeitures occurred in just 12 (of 48 total 2) zip codes: 89101, 89102,
89103, 89104, 89106, 89108, 89109, 89110, 89115, 89119, 89121, & 89169
– Generally, these zip codes are centralized along the Resort Corridor, Downtown Las
Vegas, and the area to the east/northeast of Downtown Las Vegas
Forfeitures correlate with high poverty areas3
– Among the 12 most targeted zip codes, the average poverty rate is 27 percent
– Comparatively, the average poverty rate in the remaining 36 zip codes is 12 percent
– The countywide poverty rate (Clark) is 16 percent
Forfeitures correlate with areas of large minority populations4
– Among the 12 most targeted zip codes, the average non-white population is 42 percent
– Comparatively, the average non-white population in the remaining 36 zip codes is 36
– The countywide non-white population is 36 percent
Forfeiture will target any cash or other asset irrespective of its value.
– 56 percent of forfeitures concerned cash or other assets valued below $1,000
– 28 forfeiture cases involved $100 or less
– 13 forfeiture cases involved $20 or less
– 2 forfeiture cases involved $1 or less
Overall, LVMPD collected $1.9 million via forfeited assets in FY2016.
– Mean forfeiture value = $5,499.35; median forfeiture value = $873.00
– Highest-valued forfeiture was $515,228.48; lowest-valued was $0.74
Of the 295 seizures which occurred in FY2016 — the first action towards eventual forfeiture
proceedings — all but 16 (or 94 percent) targeted alleged drug offenders under the Uniform
Controlled Substances Act, or NRS 453.

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