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How Do You Trust the Deluge of Media? Examine Every Word

The explosion of media sources has made more information available to more people than ever before. But the proliferation of information is not without cost. In this age of deception, every word we say must be carefully chosen, and each word we hear deserves scrutiny. Every facet of life in America has been corrupted by political science, from news media to psychology to meteorology to sports. As a result, each bit of information must be examined for veracity.

Political science is not actually science but art–the black art of making one’s political ideology appear to be superior to others. When the source of that ideology is the liberal left, the art is to make sin, tyranny and destruction appear to have merit, and to present righteousness as burdensome and austere. Political science, therefore, is the art of deception.

Democrats and the media have become experts at making a lie sound like a reasonable truth. They do this by verbal sleight of hand, making implications that are partially or wholly false. For example, Democrat Senator Tim Kaine attempts to justify allowing transsexuals to serve in the armed forces using the inane argument that “people should not be discriminated against because of who they love.”

Many reasonable people would have difficulty contradicting the statement. But it contains a dangerous lie. Transsexuals are not discriminated against serving in the military services because of “who they love,” but rather because sexual perversion of this kind is highly corrosive to the mission of a fighting force. It destroys trust and weakens morale, and therefore, effectiveness.

Another spectacular example of liberal deception is Obamacare. Democrats and the media lied about the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” because if people knew the truth, there would have been a national outcry against it. The fake news media networks aided in the effort by hiding important facts about the plan in order to ensure its passage.

By far, one of the most damaging political ploys in the past hundred years was Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. Its destructive effects are widely present today. Until the 1960s, most families were supported by working fathers. The tax hikes that resulted have made it necessary for two parents to work outside the home. Today, black families are fractured with 70% of households headed by single mothers, who raise sons that lack discipline and have little or no respect for women or the law.

No longer can media reports be accepted as truthful. Anonymous sources are quoted almost exclusively during Republican administrations as a way to discredit them. Narratives are emphasized by devoting a disproportionate amount of media coverage to them. The baseless charge of Russian hacking of the 2016 election is a prime example. While there is no evidence to support the accusation, it persists in order to create doubt about the legitimacy of President Trump.

No field of scientific research is immune to distortion. Neither climate change nor its stated cause are supported by verifiable scientific evidence. Nevertheless, the theory is accepted as truth among a majority of meteorologists. However, legitimate conclusions of scientific research are never determined by a voting body or consensus. They are supported by demonstrable evidence.

Evolution is another fraudulent fallacy foisted upon an ignorant public by repetitive reinforcement despite its pathetic weaknesses. Its deadly consequences have been enormously costly. If man was not created by God, then mankind can determine his own worth and rights and those of others.

The question that Americans are going to have to answer is, “How much untruth am I willing to accept?” It’s not unlike asking someone, “How much poison do you want in your food or water?”

Words are important. With a subtle twist of words, Satan deceived Adam and Eve into forfeiting their dominion over the earth. With nothing more than words, Adolph Hitler convinced the German people that Jews were the nation’s enemy and deserving of extermination. Mere words caused the people of the United States to put 60 million people to death in abortion mills. Cunningly chosen words incessantly repeated have resulted in the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couplets.

The United States has entered a perilous new era. With the politicization of every field of human endeavor, there no longer exists any common objective basis for language or ideology. Even the most fundamental ideal of truth has been subjugated to personal whim-wham. When truth becomes subjective, each person feels free to do what is right in his own eyes.

Scripture asks, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” We are currently finding out how difficult it is to stand in a culture that is hopelessly corrupt.

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