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Scotchman’s Peak: Who Really Is For Idaho?

Scotchman’s Peak: Who Really Is For Idaho?

As so many claims reach new heights of concern for the well-being of the Scotchman’s Peak, it becomes important to know the speakers.

On one side seems to be the Idaho Conservation League,  Conservation Voters for Idaho  and the Friends of Scotchman’s Peak.

CVI is an affiliate of the ICL which is an affiliate of the League of Conservation Voters which, in turn is affiliated with the Center for American Progress (CAP), which was founded by George Soros and John Podesta.

Recently, LCV and the Natural Resources Defense Council  founded Leading Green(LG) which has become recommended for funding by the Democracy Alliance (DA) (George Soros, Tom Steyer, etc) which funds CAP, among others.

A tangled web.

The LCV and the DA are headquartered in D. C. and N.Y.   A slogan on the CVI web page is “All politics is local”, while on the ICL web page is “We Stand for Idaho”.  To learn more about where they stand watch their actions. Think the Greater Sandpoint Greenprint.  And the effort to take Scotchman’s Peak out of local control?  Their values seem  to reflect the values of organizations in Washington, DC than in Bonner County, Idaho.

A team of local citizens is considering that the area of the Peak be designated a state park. Bonner County would benefit by more local involvement.  Save the Peak for local preservation.  Contact your friendly local Commissioner or state representative, and Senator Risch, to reflect your values.

Contact Senator Risch:

or at his Coeur d’Alene Office:

U.S. Senator James Harbor Plaza,
610 Hubbard, Suite 213
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814
tel: 208-667-6130
fax: 208-765-1743.

Jeremy Conlin

Cocolalla, Idaho

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