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Bunkerville Standoff: Motion to Recuse Gloria Navarro

Motion to Recuse Gloria Navarro

Motion to Recuse Gloria Navarro

by Shari Dovale

A motion has been filed in the Bunkerville Standoff case to have Judge Gloria Navarro recused. The motion was filed by Ryan Bundy on Oct. 4th.

The basis for the demand for recusal is the public perception of her bias towards the prosecution and against the defendants.

The 25 page filing with attachments cites dozens of news articles pointing to her obvious bias. Citing articles from Redoubt News, Infowars, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Freedom Outpost, as well as a multitude of additional articles, as well as video reports, the motion proves overwhelming bias on the part of the judge.

Even the New York Times states that the public perceptions of Navarro’s rulings have become the story.

Bundy includes a statement from Roger Roots, lawyer and legal researcher, who has studied over 2200 filings on the docket in this case. He determined that Judge Navarro has denied at least 95% of the substantive defense motions.

Roots also states that the motions by the United States have been granted at near 100%.

“No judge in American history has been the subject of more commentary and news coverage describing her as partial in a case she presides over as has Judge Gloria Navarro in the Bundy case,” said Roots.

The motion goes on to explain that actual impartiality is irrelevant. It doesn’t really matter whether or not the judge is actually biased. The problem is the devastating evidence of the public’s perception of her bias.

In other words, the public has lost confidence in the judicial system because of her blatant disregard of the defendants rights. They are feeling that citizen’s in this country can no longer trust the legal system.

The public has lost the trust of it’s judicial system! And we can thank Judge Gloria Navarro for the astounding number of rulings that she has made to prove these allegations.

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